Our mission is To inspire, empower and provide key tools for the economic, Social and environmental sustainability of Leaders in emerging economies. To build a collaborative bridge that cuts across geographic boundaries. We achieve this by providing the most collaborative platforms and practical tools necessary for socioeconomic and environmental sustainability and success.



Since 2010, pilot forums have been implemented across West Africa in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroun. Over 800 participants consisting of multinational corporations, foundations, indigenous organizations and the civil society have participated.

The Forum engages the region’s most influential leaders current and upcoming, plus those with interest in Africa in critical discussions designed to create partnerships, networks, knowledge and collaborative pathways to achieve effective social change and impact in the Africa region; to set an agenda on best practices for corporate social responsibility, collaboration and sustainability investments.  The forums have delivered first-class programs, leading thinkers and cutting-edge insights.

An outflow is the The Convergence & The Sustainable Minds Program that targets millennials by educating and engaging next generation of leaders, we expect to develop individuals whose mindsets are hardwired to consider the implications of their actions on the well-being of their ecosystem, which includes their own personal economic well-being; and their community and environmental well-being. Only through the power of knowledge dissemination, effective engagement and collective dialogue can we ensure the development of Sustainable Leadership with highly-skilled, right thinking individuals leading the transformational movement on the continent.