Frequently asked questions about the Mzuzah Forum.

How do I get an invite to the Mzuzah Convergence?
The Mzuzah Convergence is an invitation only event. We welcome applications to help us identify potential delegates who will contribute to our mission of accelerating sustainability and social impact progress in the region.  Key sessions from the Mzuzah Convergence will be recorded in the form of video, audio and photography. Social reporters will also share insights from the Forum via blogs, tweets, videos and photos. We hope you join the movement from wherever you are.

When can I submit an application for the Mzuzah Convergence and when will I hear from you?
Applications to attend in 2018 is open, applications will be reviewed within 48 hours of request.  Please email

If I can’t attend the Forum, how else can I be involved?
Key sessions and many others will be recorded in the form of video, audio and photography. Social reporters will also share insights from the forum via blogs, tweets, videos and photos.

Can I suggest someone to take my place at the Forum?
While the invitation is specific to each person, we will take recommendations on a case by case basis. Please send your suggestion to

Do you provide assistance with obtaining visas?
We can provide letters of support confirming attendance at the Forum. Please contact for assistance.

How can I participate in communicating about the Forum during the event?
You can follow mzuzah africa on twitter and facebook.

Can I bring a personal guest to any of the Forum sessions?
Each invitation is specific for each person. Personal guests are not permitted to attend Mzuzah Forum activities unless they are fully registered.

What ID do I need to bring?
Please bring a photo ID (passport or driver’s license) to check-in at on-site registration. You must wear your badge for access to all events.

Where do I check-in for my badge and program?
Onsite registration will open at forum locations. You will be able to collect your badge and program there.

Is there Internet access available at the Forum?
Wi-Fi access will be available to delegates. Information on how to connect will be available upon arrival.

What provision is there for delegates with disabilities?
Arrangements can be made for people with disabilities – please email

Who do I notify about dietary requirements?
Specific dietary arrangements can be made through the online registration process.

What is the dress code?
Dress is professional. You will be seated for much of the day in presentations and lectures, or standing and socializing, so dress to be comfortable.

Who can I contact?
General inquiries should email us at If you are a member of the media interested in covering the Mzuzah Convergence, please contact