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In partnership with several leading institutions the Mzuzah Africa “Convergence” seeks to explore ways of “Building a Realistic Intersection between Sustainability, Social /Environmental Impact and Economic Empowerment’’ 

What goes through YOUR mind when you hear the word “Africa”? For most people Africa is synonymous with poverty, lack of good leadership, inadequate education, and poor understanding of the world. Is Africa really poor or is there something else going on? Why is it that Africa seems to be locked into a cycle of dysfunction? Leading institutions have failed in effectively addressing the issues. Why? Could it be that it’s a mistake to impose solutions? Or a bigger mistake to prop up programs, terms, metrics and other ideologies without conversations that effectively engage the real owners of the continent, those who are directly impacted by issues on ground? 

Pioneering a new era in the proper diagnosis and solution to an age old problem The Convergence on Sustainability has emerged with the understanding that only sustainable thinking leaders are capable of providing the most appropriate solutions to the present problems of African societies. By engaging the current and next generation of leaders, we expect to develop individuals whose mindsets are hardwired to consider the implications of their actions on the well-being of their ecosystem, which includes their own personal economic well-being; and their community and environmental well-being. 

These dialogues are essential to inspiring and ensuring a transformational movement on the African continent. Only through the power of knowledge dissemination, effective engagement and collective dialogue can we ensure the development of right thinking individuals leading the transformational movement on the African continent. 

We invite delegates to explore MZUZAH, the inspiration to build wealth on the African continent in way that would benefit present without damaging the future leaving positive lasting legacies.