Mzuzah works to inspire and empower next generation leaders to proactively move towards a sustainable future.  We partner with forward-thinking businesses and organizations that are interested in meaningful engagement of Africa's future. Partners bring a wealth of capabilities to the table which enhances and mutually benefits all.

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Our partners have included, Forbes Africa, The Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, The World Bank African Region, Chevron, Shell, Total, Statoil, Sahara Energy, TY Danjuma Foundation, MTN Foundation, The Dangote Group, Cisco, EcoBank,  Ashesi University, The Ghana Oil Club, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), The Oxford Business Group and a whole lot more... *not an exhaustive list just a sampling* 

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“I really enjoyed meeting so many young entrepreneurs working on many great projects. The conference showcased great speakers which provided expert insights on different topics related to social entrepreneurship. I look forward to seeing what future generations of students and speakers will be presenting at future conferences. Thank you for the invitation and for allowing me to participate!”
— David Vallejo, MBA Student Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School, USA
“I was very impressed by the overall event. You got a great venue, kept very closely to time and have put together some very engaging speakers. The audience seemed to be high level execs
from many of the most important companies”.
— Ismail Radwan, Lead Economist, The World Bank’s Africa Finance & Private Sector Unit.


Firmly positioned as the leading organization in helping players in the sustainability space to interact, understand each other and establish relationships.
— Juan Elegido, Vice Chancellor, Pan-Atlantic University

Build your company's corporate social responsibility leadership while supporting next generation leaders! Become a sponsor of "The Convergence" , our annual gathering which brings together over 3000 young leaders ages 18-33 from several African countries/the diaspora and professionals with premier businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and academics to address many of the greatest challenges facing the African continent today. Partnership provides your organization with high-visibility speaking opportunities, custom sessions, display and events.  Benefits extend throughout the year. By Partnering with Mzuzah Africa your organization can inspire innovation in millennials, drive action and build corporate branding through our unique engagement opportunities.

Partner Projects

Mzuzah Inc., also designs custom projects and programs to engage our partners in real world settings which align with your organizations corporate social responsibility objectives and reaches your target audience.

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